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We give our clients an « à la carte » service with propositions fitting their needs and constraints. The priority of our specialists is to guarantee the quality of interventions and the respect of goals. In a firm deeply anchored in the forest-wood industry, listening and talking are both at the heart of their work.




We offer a full service from a complete management of the property (maximization of the production for a better optimization of the income) to a more patrimonial management (leisure forest, hunt for protecting landscapes etc.). This is mainly due to our versatile team of experts being close to its clients as well as to a network of carefully chosen professionals.




We always favor the treatment being the most appropriate to the wishes of our clients (regular or irregular high forest, natural regeneration or planting). Strengthened by our experience, we practice among other things the management of irregular high forests of deciduous or resinous trees and the management of several thousands of hectares with regular resinous plantings.




Our specialists answer to all specific request, in the respect of a long-term management of forests and by guaranteeing the confidentiality of services they are entitled to.


  • For an occasional service, we can give a precious opinion or expertise a forest, lease hunting rights, write a Simple Plan of Management, order or follow forestry works etc.
  • For a global management service, we define modalities with our client according to their needs


  • Simple Plan of Management, diagnosis, forecasted budgets
  • Monitoring, local representation
  • Phytosanitary tracking of settlements and maintenance
  • Improvement of settlements and lead of forest works (studies etc.)
  • Commercialization of woods
  • Appropriate insurances (liability, fires, storm etc.)
  • Lease of hunts and fishings, management of rentals
  • Administrative support (accountancy, VAT, management of staff etc.)

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